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Water systems

Efficient irrigation technology in horticulture  

Horticulture simply cannot operate without accurate irrigation technology. Horticulture and irrigation go hand in hand. Every crop has its own need for water and fertilisers to grow optimally. Irrigation technology in horticulture is therefore a complex and comprehensive field of expertise. Accuracy and efficiency are crucial for ensuring effective irrigation technology. After all, raw materials are becoming increasingly scarce. This requires optimal water management, that considers the overall picture of irrigation systems, water units, water storage, water treatment and fertilisers.  

Stolze designs, develops, supplies and installs irrigation technology for every type of crop in greenhouse horticulture. Examples include modern roof sprinklers, fertiliser dosing units and customised disinfection units. When developing water control systems, we always focus on the quality of the crop and the interests and earnings of the grower: operational reliability, sustainability and cost savings.  

HortiQ certificate  

The quality of our water control systems is guaranteed by our HortiQ certificate. Stolze is HortiQ certified. This means that our systems are built and installed according to objective and verifiable quality standards. The HortiQ certificate is a recognised quality standard issued by an independent organisation. All standards are verifiable and transparent. 

“An effective irrigation system starts with the underground pipe, which must be dimensioned correctly. That is why it’s important that we are involved in a project from the beginning.”  

René Solleveld

Project leader water technology


Irrigation technology in horticulture consists of various areas. Together they form a total solution for efficient irrigation management. That means a well-thought-out water management system, modern irrigation systems, the right water units, careful water treatment and alignment of fertilisers and water storage. 

Stolze develops, designs and builds its water units for customers in-house. A custom unit is assembled for each system. This involves water units for the disinfection of input water, irrigation and automatic fertigation and, for example, the disinfection of return flows.
Proper water storage is essential for every grower to ensure the availability of water. Stolze offers water silos, water basins and underground water storage to store water.
Clean water with a stable pH value is essential for the quality and growth of the crop. Stolze supplies standard water disinfection systems, but we also design customised systems. Examples include osmosis systems, ultra-filtration systems, UV-disinfection systems and ozone systems.
An effective irrigation system in horticulture ensures optimal growth of the crop, with the right amount of water and fertilisers. Stolze develops and installs horticultural irrigation systems, such as ebb and flow installations, drip systems, roof irrigation, watering booms and irrigation sprinkler systems.
Effective water management means no valuable raw materials, such as water and nutrients, are lost. Stolze helps growers optimise the process of circular water use.
Stolze offers customised systems to safely transport, store and dose solid and liquid fertilisers.

More about irrigation technology in horticulture

Stolze has been a specialist in water technology since 1969. We know everything about horticulture and water. Do you have a question or need advice for your crop or greenhouse? Don’t hesitate: call or email us. We’re happy to help.