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Stolze is proud to be a vital part of GreenV, a globally renowned consortium dedicated to revolutionizing the horticultural industry.

In addition to Stolze, GreenV consists of other renowned companies like Prins Group, Green Simplicity, HT Verboom, Voshol, Prins USA, JV Energy Solutions, and APEX Greenhouses. GreenV is committed to enriching countries worldwide with the transformative power of agriculture and floriculture.

Our collective mission is clear: to cultivate thriving communities by providing access to fresh, healthy food, vibrant plants, and beautiful flowers – anytime, anywhere. Through our integrated approach and dedication, we believe that businesses can serve as catalysts for positive change, laying the groundwork for a brighter, more sustainable future.

As an integral part of the GreenV family, Stolze stands at the forefront in delivering cutting-edge integrated solutions and unparalleled service to empower growers across the globe.