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Grow light

Grow light in horticulture 

Grow light in a greenhouse is crucial for the growth of the crop. It stimulates photosynthesis. How do you choose the right grow light for your crop and greenhouse? Are you opting for LED, HPS (also known as SON-T or HID) or hybrid lighting? We determine this together in a lighting plan. Important parameters are the intensity and amount of light, the quality and diffusion, but also the energy consumption and of course the desired crop growth. We look for the optimal balance between maximum efficiency and minimum energy consumption.  

Stolze supplies various types of grow lights in greenhouse horticulture: LED grow lights, HPS lights and hybrid lighting. We do this together with various renowned suppliers. As a system integrator, we install any desired system. 

Developments in grow light in greenhouse horticulture 

We closely follow developments in greenhouse horticulture and the influence of daylightless growing and vertical farming, for example, on supplemental lighting requirements. We design the most efficient solution together with various renowned fixture suppliers. We develop complete grow light systems in-house. We assemble the switch panels and make custom-made strand cabling in our workshop. This allows us to carry out the onsite installation quickly and efficiently.  

Philips LED Horti Partner

As a partner of Signify/Philips Lighting, we are closely involved in the development and innovation of LED lighting systems, such as spectrum-controlled modules and dimmable LED modules. Signify supports its partners with projects and field tests. Knowledge and experience in the field of lighting plans, light recipes and installations are also shared. This enables us to offer a solution for successful, energy-efficient cultivation in every situation. 

“The big advantage of LED lighting is that you create twice as much light with the same power. Or, vice versa: the same light efficiency with half the input.”  

Marlon van den Berg

Commercial technical advisor


Every crop has its own light requirements. Of course your needs as a grower also play an important role in the choice of lighting in the greenhouse. Do you require a higher light intensity? Less diffusion, or perhaps more? Lower energy consumption? With a lighting plan, we together determine which grow light works best for your crop. 

In the lighting plan, we use the dimensions of the greenhouse, the type of crop and the amount of available natural light as starting points. Together with the grower, we determine which lighting fits best: LED, HPS or a combination with hybrid lighting.
LED has a long lifetime and low energy consumption. LED lighting in greenhouse horticulture also ensures higher yields, earlier flowering of the crop, faster root growth and better control of plant growth. LED lighting in tomato cultivation, for example, also ensures a lower waste percentage, because a more stable climate is created.
Until recently, HPS lighting (also known as SON-T or HID) was the most commonly used grow light in greenhouse farming. LED lighting has gained a lot of ground in recent years, but there are still conceivable situations where HPS is the preferred option.
Hybrid lighting is a popular grow light system in greenhouse horticulture. It capitalises on the advantages of both LED and HPS. In a smart customised lighting plan, we look for the optimal balance of light, diffusion and energy consumption.

More about grow light

Growers often prepare a cost-benefit analysis when choosing the right grow light for their greenhouse and crop. Here at Stolze we have a lot of experience with different types of lighting in horticulture. Ensure to take advantage of this and allow us to provide you with advice.