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Welcome to Stolze’s projects page. Here you will find examples of how we have applied our expertise and experience in electrotechnical installations, irrigation technology, grow lights, automation and climate control technology as a leading system integrator in horticulture. With a team of more than 160 specialised employees, we are capable of realising fully integrated, complete projects in which various disciplines are closely connected to each other. The projects on this page illustrate our approach and technical expertise that we use to implement diverse horticulture projects successfully.

At Stolze, we understand that every horticulture operation has its own unique characteristics. That is why every project requires a customised solution. Are you looking for a technical solution for your horticultural company? Tell us your needs and challenges. We’d be happy to collaborate with you.



Tomato nursery Bryte is taking the next step in sustainable year-round cultivation. With the installation of more than 8,000 LED modules, the company is able...

Diergaarde Blijdorp (Rotterdam zoo)

Arno van Daalen has been working for the technical department at Diergaarde Blijdorp since 1998. Since the beginning of this year, he has been the...

Van Senten Waterplanten 

Van Senten Waterplanten recently opened their third branch in Kudelstaart. A unique nursery, where plants are cultivated entirely on water, which means maximum water quality...

Syngenta Flowers

After 4 years of intensive research, the moment has finally arrived: Syngenta Flowers switches to Full LED for the production of Mandevilla and Pelargonium. Stolze...

LMC Made 3

At Leen Middelburg Chrysanten in Made they have installed the very first Indupar 1150-watt HPS fixtures. Middelburg Chrysanten has chosen for a higher light level...

Ko Kolk Hortensia

The first plants are in the greenhouse, and at this moment the last things are being done at the building of Ko Kolk Hortensia’s new...

Florensis Dinteloord

Florensis is building a 6-hectare greenhouse in Dinteloord, the Netherlands with which it can expand the cultivation of all kinds of floricultural products. We are...

Lugt Lisianthus 

At the start of 2020 Lugt Lisianthus opened their new greenhouse in Monster, The Netherlands. With use of the most modern technology they are the...

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