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Diergaarde Blijdorp (Rotterdam zoo)

Arno van Daalen has been working for the technical department at Diergaarde Blijdorp since 1998. Since the beginning of this year, he has been the technical manager of all buildings (accommodations and listed buildings) in the historical part of the zoo. This part also includes the Himalayan area, which has been closed to the public for about 10 years. Stolze realised the sprinkler system and drip line in the area, which was reopened in July.


Rotterdam, The Netherlands


Flower and plant material such as bamboo, bedding plants, etc.

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Irrigation, Automation



The Himalaya area has been closed in recent years, you could only access it to buy French fries. The mountain animal rock was dilapidated and not open to the public. About two years ago, the Royal Rotterdam Zoo Foundation started refurbishing the area. After much research, the well-known mountain animal rock turned out not to be a listed building. Only the concrete bunker, the animal enclosure in the rock, is a listed building. For that reason, the zoo was allowed to renovate the rock, which, like the entire Himalaya area, also required a new sprinkler system and drip line.


We are proud that Stolze was asked to realise these systems. We have had a strategic partnership with each other for years. In addition to sponsoring, we wanted to give the partnership an extra boost in the context of CSR. That is why our colleagues have started working on this wonderful and special project. After an inventory, the irrigation system for the plant beds in the Himalayas was constructed and a drip line for the plant boxes was installed on the rock.

"Especially the thinking along and the good advice from both sales and the executives and mechanics. Very nice to work with!"

Arno van Daalen

Technical manager


Were there any challenges during the irrigation system process? Arno explains: “What I really wanted was a plant room behind the rock. I’ve always said that I want to operate everything from that room and don’t want to come between the animals in the enclosure. It was a challenge to properly route all the pipes to the plant room under the doors. This was well advised by Stolze and quickly dealt with!”

It did not stop at that challenge. After the red pandas had taken up residence in the enclosure and it became summer, Arno’s suspicion turned out to be reality: the rock is getting too hot. A tricky point, because the entrances to the indoor enclosure are in the rock, where the pandas only come by walking over the rock. In addition to an emergency solution, Arno and Stolze are currently looking for a water-technical solution to cool the rock.

Partnerschip with Stolze

We are very happy that Stolze is also involved in the cooling project. Arno enjoyed the collaboration with regard to the sprinkler system: “Especially the ideas and useful advice from the sales team, the foremen and the engineers. I really enjoyed working with them!” Does Arno experiences any convenience yet? He tells: “I’m the manager, not the user. The botanical department does use it, but everything is programmed and they know how to switch it on by hand. We had contact with other zoos and I can and will certainly recommend Stolze!”

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